Body Contour Treatments

Cellulite is made up of fat cells that reside within the skin. They can’t be burned as fuel, so dieting and exercise won’t eliminate them. Now, through Acoustic Wave Therapy™ (AWT™), women can achieve firmer, smoother skin in the areas where cellulite forms – the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Acoustic wave therapy: Studies show that this can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Several treatment sessions are needed to see a reduction. Acoustic wave therapy: A handheld device uses sound waves to break up cellulite. Shockwave therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization in certain parts of the body.

The cellulite procedure that actually works – Shockwave Therapy.

Specifically, cellulite is the result of enlarged fat cells that become lodged under the skin. When the fat cells get bigger and get trapped under the skin, the skin begins to bulge outward, which is why the skin takes on that dimpled, bumpy effect.

The enlarged fat cells also block and restrict blood flow, which not only present circulation problems, but cause the fat cells to form even more clusters underneath the skin. As the outer skin layer begins to thin out, usually due to age, and the fat cells continue to form clusters, the result once again is an irregular, dimpled or bumpy appearance.

The most common areas of the body where cellulite develops tend to be in the stomach area, upper arms, legs/knees and buttocks.

Other favorite places cellulite likes to appear is anywhere on the body where collagen, elastin and/or subcutaneous fat and tissue break down. The breakdown of youthful cells and weakened tissue not only can result in cellulite, but also a “sagging” appearance of the skin.

Cellulite does not discriminate. Anyone of any size, weight, gender or age can develop cellulite. There are other factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, age, smoking, hormonal changes and genetics that can increase the appearance and onset of cellulite.

After a series of treatments, the positive results from AWT may help:

  • Reduce the production and look of cellulite
  • Break down enlarged fat cells
  • Restore connective tissue
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Promote lymphatic drainage (elimination of toxins/waste)
  • Improve blood flow/circulation
  • Promote increased production of collagen
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars Tighten, firm and smooth out loose skin

G5 Cellutec

The G5 Cellutec® is a non-invasive therapy treatment for skin, scalp, tissue, muscles, lymphatic system, and the circulatory system. Extraordinary results are acheved with our exclusive Directional-Stroking® action which combines vertical and parellel forces to produce effective and comfortable percussion, oscillating massage, deep tissue mobilization, kneading/compression, skin layer resonation, and many more physical techniques.

The G5 Cellutec® satisfi es specialized client needs and enables you to offer high-demand services with dramatic results. A wide array of applicators provides aesthetic services such as cellulite reduction, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, body contouring, skin toning and muscle relaxation.


In the skilled hands of your professional therapist, G5™ Massage Machines are powerful personal assistants to perform a broad array of healing, therapeutic and anti-aging treatments and benefits like…

Body Treatments

 – Cellulite Reduction

– Lymphatic Drainage

– Slimming and Reducing- Fulling Body Exfoliation

– Relaxation Treatment

– Reflexology

– Detoxification

– Myofascial Release

– Scar Tissue Reduction 

Massage Treatments

– Deep Muscle and Tissue Work

– Low Back Pain

– Stiff Neck

– Acupressure (Shiatsu)

– Scalp

– Sinus and Nasal Congestion

– Headaches

– Circulatory Stimulation

– Stress Reduction

Sport & Rehabilitation Treatments

– Lower Back

– Arm

– Shoulder

– Leg

– Knee

– Treatment of Muscle Spasm

– Muscle Toning and Atrophy Prevention 

For our Customers

– Improves circulation and nutrition to tissue

– Enhances relaxation and better sleep

– Helps to alleviate pain and stiffness

– Reduces swelling following injury

– Promotes detoxification

– Lessens inflammation in joints 

Benefits for Muscle Tissue

– Rehabilitates and speeds recovery from injury

– Relieves fatigue and hastens elimination of lactic acid

– Relaxes spasms and tense muscles

– Assists in relieving muscle pain 

Benefits for Reduction Treatments

– Helps mobilize and eliminate long established fat deposits

– Temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite

– Helps reduces fat caused by poor circulation

– Useful in firming body contours


Laser lipolysis gives traditional liposuction a fat-busting boost. For those seeking trimmer bodies with minimal effort, liposuction is one of the most popular fast-fixes. But like anything that seems too good to be true, the fat-reduction procedure comes with a few drawbacks, especially if your skin can’t take up the slack. Pockets of sagging skin may defeat the purpose of using cosmetic surgery to bust hard-to-reach fat. That’s where the newly designed technique of laser lipolysis comes in, picking up where traditional liposuction leaves off. Researchers believe this enhanced technique could be the key to optimum body sculpting.

Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat. This is a different process than liposuction, which involves removing fat from the body using vacuum suction. The added benefit of laser lipolysis is that it spurs the production of the protein collagen, making skin more taut.

Clinical results were drawn from the laser lipolysis and liposuction procedures of more than 2,000 patients over a three-year span. Researchers found that patients overall lost significant fat bulk in different parts of the body and saw an increase in skin tightness. Patients didn’t suffer from any major complications, though some complained of minor pain and bruising.

Price: Depends on client’s requirement